Fishing Deluxe - Best Fishing Times Calendar

  • Reviews for last version: 360,  average rating: 4.5/5  
  • Total reviews: 2488,  average rating: 4.3/5  
  • Last version: 2.8
  • Price: $2.99
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Just another tool to use
It’s not a magical app, but useful. You still need to consider weather, time of year(summer better than winter for bass), were to find fish, what bait to use, etc. For me, if I have to pick a day or time, I use this app to tell me when Fishing is better on a particular day, and what’s the best time. Doesn’t always mean you will catch fish, only improves you chances. Saves me time and minimizes my frustration.
 Dec 2, 2017 06:04:16 AM, by Flyfisher6760    about version 3
New IPhone x
New IPhone x update plzz 👍🙏
 Dec 1, 2017 01:08:02 PM, by Nickdk :)    about version 3
Not quite happy
Okay keep it up! Btw just being upset because we already paid for $2.99 but the premium needs to subscribe again for monthly sigh
 Nov 22, 2017 07:48:03 PM, by gdep    about version 3
Very accurate
Times button crashes Watch if there is not four good fishing times only three. Apart from this small issue the application is great. Could be a coincidence but it has not let me down yet !
 Nov 18, 2017 09:04:16 AM, by Steve :o)    about version 3
Very Helpful App.
It’s a great app that tells moon phases, sunrise/set, weather forecast and other useful information.
 Nov 17, 2017 02:26:09 PM, by Wormnut    about version 3
Sehr toll
Ist übersichtlich und hilfreich
 Nov 8, 2017 03:20:48 AM, by Giemu    about version 3
Ainda testando
Parece bem interativo. Mas ainda estou em fase de testes.
 Sep 30, 2017 11:09:19 PM, by Cesar31159    about version 3
Good app, bad support
It works. Sort of. However I can't create an account because their system won't accept my iCloud email address and I can't create a support ticket because it wants me to interact with one of those stupid captcha things that's not even there. If they fix the problems, I will give the app 5 stars.
 Sep 22, 2017 04:40:18 PM, by Coorsman29    about version 3
Mario Lukas
Ganz brauchbar, auch mit der Fangstatistik, nur die Bearbeitung der Orte könnte besser funktionieren
 Aug 20, 2017 08:55:24 AM, by riokalumas    about version 3
Wenn die Fische
beißen wollen, beißen sie. Wenn nicht, dann nicht. Aber trotzdem eine nette App mit guter Orientierung
 Aug 18, 2017 03:37:27 PM, by denis the meanis    about version 3
My fishing buddy.
I just got it and I think it is great can't wait to try other locations thank you . John L Beaulieu
 Aug 7, 2017 06:41:58 PM, by Johnjlawrence    about version 3
Utilizo sempre nas minhas pescarias
Vale a pena...muitas informacoes e um grafico fantastico
 Jul 28, 2017 09:43:31 AM, by Cuquinha1964    about version 3
O que faltava 😁
Muito bom, ajuda bastante.
 Jul 27, 2017 11:09:12 AM, by Carrascao    about version 3
My boys and I use this app all the time. Not only for fishing but while traveling. It will let's us know when the critters are on the roads. Works well.
 Jul 23, 2017 09:30:01 AM, by Kalkadina    about version 3
Trusted fishing app
This app is accurate and works great!!
 Jul 11, 2017 04:52:38 PM, by troutmaster14    about version 3