Moon info never looked this good

Deluxe Moon is an award-winning moon info app that is elegant, informative, and plenty useful.

The app is packed with tons of features, and displays the most complete information that matches your location and time of day.

Deluxe Moon brings a lunar calendar and Moon exploration tools to your fingertips.

Simply tap any element on the main screen and the app will show you.

Deluxe Moon opens you a unique possibility to look closer at how the moon influences on your life.

Deluxe Moon Pro is the only app which delivers complete information about the Moon at your Apple Watch.

Moon phases, closest events and much more.

Amazing and beautiful, mysterious and magical!

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Studying astronomy in a college or university?

We’ve packed Deluxe Moon with referral information including eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, apogee/perigee, raise/set times and more!

If you tap on the moon a menu with extra features opens access to extra information you hardly find on any other app in your iPhone.

A delightfully loaded App!
I have so enjoyed Deluxe Moon that I check the app 1-2 a day. More than just a moon phase App! Loaded with astronomical features as well as astrology tidbits.
by RadManII
Simply amazing
You will definitely learn some new things from this app. It's super amazing. Best moon app that exists
by Mattie36

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